Overview and Synopsis

Masterfully crafted by Mahendra Vyas, an Air Traffic Management specialist, ‘The Enigma’ is about as unique and genre-bending as any novel could be. This thought-provoking adventure shines the spotlight on the potential of cyber-attacks, the fascinating world of global aviation systems and one woman who transcends it all with secrets to true longevity. But they are exactly that…secrets….

While many authors hastily throw a narrative together, speed through the editing and rush it out to market, those writers instead opting for mastery know that the process takes time. Mahendra Vyas is bucking all trends with gusto by storming the scene with a novel that is not only bold and intense, but potentially life-changing for its readers.

Everything unravels in ‘The Enigma – The Kevina Paul Series’; an engrossing cocktail of modern-day issues and technology, melded with the secrets to good health that most will never discover before they die.


Midway through the twenty-first century, the oldest person in the world died. Her name was Dr. Kevina Paul, and she was 137 years old. Who was she? What secrets did she know that allowed her to enjoy such longevity and good health? As a senior executive for a high-tech multinational Toronto corporation, Kevina was a renowned authority in global aviation systems who uncovered and thwarted a complex cyberterrorist attack aimed at the global airspace management systems. The potential disaster averted, Kevina and her colleague escaped from foreign soil to return home. But something unique happened to Kevina on her journey home. For reasons even she didn’t initially understand, she arrived on another world and made a startling discovery. With this new knowledge, she unlocked the mysteries of youthfulness and longevity buried deep within herself. As a result, she lived longer than any human in recorded history. What exactly did she experience on the alien world? Frustrated that so many of the answers went with her to the grave, a journalist devotes his life to answering the many questions Kevina’s life and death created. In his research, he slowly uncovers her stories. But has he learned enough to also unearth her secrets? The Enigma – The Kevina Paul Series is an immersive read, which could change your life.

“This book is extremely multi-faceted,” explains the author. “Global aviation systems are fascinating and the source of much intrigue among the general public. I give readers an access-all-areas pass, twisted up with an abundance of universal truths they won’t be forgetting any time soon.”

Continuing, “The issue of cyber-attacks also play a heavy role in the narrative; a new modern-day threat that constantly surrounds us. I won’t say too much more. If you want to find out what happens – you’ll need to buy the book!”

Since its release, several readers have left extremely positive reviews. One reader comments, “M. Vyas clearly demonstrates that he has an expert knowledge of aviation systems and gives us basic insights into aviation systems implementations on a global scale. This story is woven by three threads, the evolution of the global aviation systems and the international political dramas in adopting these systems, The rare dignity of the heroine Kevina in helping the client countries to move in the direction of modern technology and safety, included are the reflection on the new age threat of cyber terrorism. Finally there is the human aspect of relationships between Kevina and her husband Nigel which gives a realistic narration of emotional ups and downs which most of us experience during lifetime but are hesitant to record. Progressively as Kevina grows older and more introspective and she becomes a living reincarnation, reinforcing the philosophy of positive thinking and enlightenment (akin to Buddhist precepts), a secret to her longevity.”