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Everything unravels in ‘The Enigma – The Kevina Paul Series’; an engrossing cocktail of modern-day issues and technology, melded with the secrets to good health that most will never discover before they die.

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Midway through the twenty-first century, the oldest person in the world died. Her name was Dr. Kevina Paul, and she was 137 years old. Who was she? What secrets did she know that allowed her to enjoy such longevity and good health?

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The Enigma – The Kevina Paul Series

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Vyas has over the past five decades worked with the Government of Canada and Canadian and the US industry as an aviation systems expert specialized in air traffic management systems. Currently he works as an International Aviation Consultant with several European and North American companies which provide air traffic and airspace management technologies to clients worldwide.

He had qualified as an air traffic controller, private pilot and studies computer science and management accounting in Ontario.

He lives in Greater Toronto Area, Canada; enjoys tennis and squash and working out.
Currently he is promoting his book THE ENIGMA THE KEVINA PAUL SERIES and writing a seqel.

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